PLC Control Edible Ice Cube Machine With Semi - Automatic Ice Packing System

बुनियादी जानकारी
Place of Origin: China
ब्रांड नाम: CBFI
प्रमाणन: CE, ISO, SGS BV
Model Number: CV5000
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
मूल्य: USD 1 TO USD 99999 per set
Packaging Details: standard wooden case to pack the cube ice machine
Delivery Time: 30 working days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 30 sets per month
विस्तार जानकारी
मॉडल नं।: CV5000 ब्रांड: CBFI
कंप्रेसर: Bock कोपलैंड घन बर्फ का आकार: 22 मिमी * 22 मिमी * 22 मिमी या 29 मिमी * 29 मिमी * 22 मिमी
मशीन मुख्य फ्रेम सामग्री: स्टेनलेस स्टील 304 शीतल: R22 या R404a
माल बंदरगाह: गुआंगज़ौ बंदरगाह ठंडा करने का तरीका: पानी ठंडा या एयर कूल्ड
हाई लाइट:

Ice Cube Making Machine


Ice Cube Maker Machine

उत्पाद विवरण

Commercial Edible High quality Cube Ice Making Machine from China with Cube Ice 29mm*29mm*22mm 

CBFI Cube Ice Making Machine 


√ the capacity 100% reached is under run condition far above the international standard(water temp:16 ,ambient temp:21℃). our standard is :water temp:21 ,ambient temp:25 ℃.


PLC control, from the ice making to ice falling, can be accomplished automatically


√ semi-automatic ice packing system, save you time and labor


stainnessstell 304, ensure you both the sanitary and longer service life to be more than 10 years.


√ compact design, take your little place.


√ fast harvest, only 20 to 23 min , can harvest the delicious ice cubes


√ thickness adjusted easily , through the water supply box, the thickness can be adjust along the float ball level.




Ice Information Ice shape Cube Ice

Ice Size


Freezing time


Ice output shift per day

Weight of per hour


22*22*22 16 ~ 18 84 207
29*29*22 20 ~ 23 63 207
Ice Density 500~550kg/m3
Ice Mold Material Nickeled Copper
Ice Mold Quantity 18 pieces
Ice Storage Bin Capacity 400 kg


Compressor Brand Name
Type Semi-Hermetic Piston type
Product Model 6HE-28
Power 21kw
Refrigerating Capacity 60.2 kw


Cooling Tower Brand Name CBFI
Size Φ1615*1890 mm
Power of Cooling Water Pump 2.2 kw
Power of Cooling Fan 0.55 kw
Cooling Water Consumption 0.05 m3/h


Ice making water Circulating pump Brand Name Nanfang
Power 0.55 kw


Ice Outlet Motor Brand Name Nord
Power 0.75 kw


1. Water saving: water can be totally circulating.

1Ton water can make 1Ton ice for air-cooled ice machines.

1.1Tons’ water can make 1Ton’s ice for water-cooled ice machines.

2. Power consumption saving design:

CV5000 ice cube machine: 70~85KW*H to make 1Ton ice

Small ice cube maker: 140~150KW*H to make 1Ton ice.




PLC Control Edible Ice Cube Machine With Semi - Automatic Ice Packing System 0

2 sets of 3 tons cube ice machine in Bahrain.




4. Installation:

1). Installing by the user: we will test and install the machine before shipment, all necessary spare parts, operation manual and CD are provided to guide the installation.


2).Installing by CBFI engineers:

  • (1) We can send our engineer to assist the installation and provide technical support and train your workers. The end-user should provide accommodation and round-trip ticket for our engineer.
  • (2) Before our engineers’ arrival, the installation place, electricity, water and installation tools should be prepared. Meanwhile, we will provide you a Tool List with the machine when delivery.
  • (3) All spare parts are provided according to our standard. During installation period, any shortage of parts due to the actual installation site, the buyer is required to afford the cost, such as water pipes.
  • (4) 2~ 3 workers are required to assist the installation for big project.
  • (5) Any delay due to customer’s reason, it will be charged from the 8th day, USD100/day for one person as installation fee. Free of charge for one week.



Delivery time 30 days after the receipt of deposit
Machine Size Machine size 2890*1780*1840mm
After Packing 3100*1820*1900mm

Loading Volume

(Include the Cooling Tower )

12 m3
Shipping Container About half 20 feet Container
Machine Weight 1600 kg
Packing International standard wooden case for Ice machine.


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